#1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts

What’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts?

We have yet another #1 at the top of the Teen & Young Adult Paranormal & Urban Fantasy chart this week, which can mean only one thing: the magic academy books are slipping.

I’m not happy to see it happen because I love academy books but it’s nice to see a bit more variety in the charts. If the book that is #1 at the top of the charts right now is an indicator of the next book trend, then it really is going to be a fun season!

Check out the next possible popular urban fantasy story: Gods.


Releasing the Gods by Leia Stone & Jaymin Eve

“It all started with a dare.

A single dare on Maisey Parker’s twenty first birthday and her entire life changed.

One second she was getting drunk with her friends, and the next she was climbing a cliff, cutting her hand, and accidentally offering a blood sacrifice that opened a thousand year old prison. A prison that contained the only living Titan. One too powerful to kill. One that wants nothing to do with being attached to Maisey.

Cronus has an old score to settle with the Greek Pantheon. Lucky she has some sick days saved up at work, because Maisey is dragged along whether she likes it or not. A decision Cronus no doubt regretted right around the time she makes a colossal mistake, unleashing an untold evil on the world.

Now they’re in a race against the clock to resurrect the other Titans, the only beings who can contain the evil. They’re the world’s last hope. And Maisey’s.”

* * *

I’m loving the look of this book because of its premise. This isn’t a normal “discovering magic” book. I love the idea of accidentally releasing Gods on a drunken night out. I mean, how does that happen?

Gods take the magical world to a whole new level and fantasy doesn’t get much bigger than that. I have my fingers crossed that Gods are the next big thing to happen in indie urban fantasy books!

If you want to check out Releasing the Gods, here’s the Amazon link!

Thanks for reading!


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