Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts

Phew, what a Saturday.

As I’m sure you know, mainly because I’ve barely shut up about it for the last week, yesterday was my release party for my debut novel Scorpio’s Grace.

I was really excited, full of energy and totally motivated when I first woke up yesterday but by an hour into the party, I felt like a complete failure. Several authors had to drop out on account of their personal assistant being unable to post for them and one just straight-up didn’t show up. It was a rough day.

But actually, all the things that went wrong really put everything in perspective.

This is just the beginning of the journey. The debut novel. The start of what I hope will be an eventually profitable writing career. For some reason I put so much pressure on myself to know everything and do everything perfectly when actually I’ve still got loads to learn. A whole journey to walk.

Yesterday, 9th November, marked the start of my 5 year plan. The plan that will hopefully take me away from shift work and becoming an author full-time. It didn’t start out with a whole load of hope or optimism and strangely, I actually prefer that. If the first day of our dreams aren’t that great, or maybe spectacularly bad, it’s a good representation of what we can expect along the way. Things don’t have to start well or go well throughout, they just have to end well.

Setbacks are inevitable and ideally, we need to use them to re-think the way we’re doing things. Even more ideally, we need to have many of our setbacks early on while we’ve got the energy to deal with them and when we need to learn the most lessons.

As much as I’m hoping for the good bits to happen, I want to learn and get ahead.

So, yesterday was a learning experience but it was still a great time. Scorpio’s Grace has been most of the year in the making and I loved celebrating with my friends and family. I couldn’t be more excited to share this project with the world and I’m super grateful for the support from you all.

Now the release is over, we’ll be resuming business as usual on The Secret Library book blog BUT Fridays are going to be empty from now on. With this new 5 year plan in place, I need a little more time in my week to reach my targets. Here’s hoping there aren’t too many hurdles along the way.

Thanks for reading!

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