What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the TBR pile?

You know that saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”?

We all know it, we all try our hardest not to judge their books by their covers but when it boils down to it, the covers are what grab our attention. If they’re absolutely gorgeous, we can’t pretend we’re not going to stare at with our mouths hanging open while we scramble to find out if we’re going to need to sell a kidney to buy it.

OK, a bit of an exaggeration but my point still stands. Covers play a big part in whether we buy a book or not and I have to say, the book I recently put on my to-be-read pile is there on account of its beauty. For shame, I know.


reigning magicks.PNG

Reigning Magicks by Candace Osmond & JJ King

“She’ll Reign Over His Heart…In This Time or Another
After decades of war, two hostile druid factions come close to a peace treaty that could save hundreds of lives. All they need is the hand of Princess Ashlynn to seal the deal, but the stubborn and powerful daughter of Clann Kavanagh’s High Priestess will have nothing of it.

Desperate to change her fate, Ashlynn ventures into the forbidden forest in search of an ancient spell. When the old magic goes awry, the princess finds herself thrown into the future and stranded in an unknown land.

With the help of a handsome and powerful Romani sorcerer, Ashlynn searches for answers and a way home even though every moment spent at Cian’s side makes Ashlynn less certain of her desires.

Now she must decide if the past is worth changing or if their future is worth fighting for.”

* * *

It’s fantasy, which is only sometimes my thing, but this blurb kinda reminds me of the fantasy books I used to read when I was younger. I was way more into fantasy back then, before urban fantasy really took off. It’s definitely giving off some nostalgia.

This is book one in the series so we’re starting right out at the beginning. I think book two is also out but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I got Reigning Magicks as an impulse buy on Amazon: here’s the link if it looks it might be a good fit for you too!

Thanks for reading!


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