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The Vacay-Day

Things are getting super hectic around here what with just recently releasing a book and working like crazy on the next one. So I’ve decided to have just one day during the week when I don’t post to the blog.

I’m a little bit gutted because if I could blog all day long, I would. But I need a little more time to get some books written and do some courses. Over Christmas, things are going to get even more crazy so I need a weekly vaycay to catch up on all the other things going on.

I’ve just started the five-year plan which will hopefully get me out of 9-5s and into working for myself full time. So, while the motivation is still strong and as it’s long before the first doubt-ridden meltdown, I’m going to take full advantage and really throw myself into this.

So, just for one day a week, I won’t be around but I promise, the six other days are still all-go as scheduled.

Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend y’all!

Thanks for reading!

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