A Caffeine-Fuelled Giveaway

I don’t want to alarm you, but I’m about to give you a chance to win some free Costa Rican goodies.

That’s not all! There’s actually a whole bunch of things involved in this giveaway but one of the coolest things is *pause for dramatic effect* sasquatch cookie cutters.


EMMY GATRELL - 4 - NOV 11- NOV 17 - FB.jpg

I legitimately thought that I had seen everything when it comes to cookie cutters but apparently you can make your cookie whatever you want these days. What an awesome world we live in!

This giveaway has lots of possibilities for extra entries by liking and following various pages. I haven’t looked at it too closely but apparently to get an extra entry you can also enter to win a vacation to Costa Rica? I’m a little bit blown away if that’s the case!

Enter this giveaway at this link here!

This giveaway is courtesy of the Darkness Rising crew and we are still trying to rack up pre-orders for our boxed set so grab yourself a copy for 99c over here!

Thanks for reading!

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