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Top 5 Books I’d Rewrite

I’m back on the Top 5 train of Bionic Bookworm! Shanah is back from her hiatus and Top 5 Tuesdays are back on. This week’s topic: Top 5 Books I’d Rewrite.

Honestly, the idea of rewriting other people’s books is a strange one. Books are our babies and other people throwing their two cents in is awesome, but rewriting? Ouch! Still, I’m not going to lie, there are a few books I read that were great in concept or general story-ness but would have been more enjoyable if a few (or a lot of) things were different.

So let’s get into it!

** Be aware there are spoilers ahead **


1. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I first read Twilight when I was a teenager and I was a little bit addicted. But when I reread it years later, I realised it wasn’t as good as I first thought.

A teenage girl moves to a secluded town and falls in love with a vampire, getting into loads of supernatural danger in the process. Love the idea, it’s awesome. But the way Twilight was originally written is pretty worrying in places.

An abusive, manipulative and clingy vampire boyfriend isn’t a great role model for anyone, especially not teenage girls. If I had the choice, I’d rewrite the whole human-vampire relationship between Bella and Edward into something way more wholesome.

Do I sound like an old lady?


2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

If you’re a regular reader of The Secret Library, you’ll know I’m a major Harry Potter fan and I love the books (and the movies…and the merch…and the tourist spots). But there are some things I’d definitely rewrite about this book and if you’ve read the books (or seen the movies), you might know what they are.

First off: I wouldn’t kill off Fred. Separating twins with death is the worst! Especially twins as close as Fred and George Weasley. While I’m at it, I’d always save Lupin and Tonks, although J.K. Rowling did explain she had killed them to highlight orphans as ongoing victims of wars long finished. I’d still bring them back, though!

Second: I’d break up Ron and Hermione. I know, I’m a monster, but they’re just not right for each other. Ron is great and Hermione is super-awesome, but in reality they should have ended up with totally different people. I’m not saying Hermione should have ended up with Viktor Krum, but at least he was a better match than Ron.


3. Mira’s Griffin by Christie Valentine Powell

I did a book review on this one a few months back (which you can check out here) and the premise was great. Griffins take humans in as slaves to save them from themselves and the humans get powers to help them with their tasks.

The story was a great idea and that part I enjoyed immensely. Unfortunately the book wasn’t quite as well written as I’d hoped with the drama being lost in a lack of description and immersion. Plus the underlying message that freedom from slavery should be earned is a little bit worrying. If this book had a solid rewrite that really involved the reader in the drama and cleared up its messages, it would probably be among one of my favourites.


4. Emergence by E.I.McAllistair

This is another book I was asked to read and review by the author (check out the review here) but it ended up being a DNF (did not finish). I was a little disappointed because this book promised lots of elemental magic and class wars. What a perfect recipe for supernatural shenanigans.

This book needs a lot of work with the paragraphing, info-dumping and dialogue but the story idea was a good one. With the difficulties keeping up with the story on account of time jumps and too much exposition, the motivation to read it died fairly quickly. Luckily, the author did state their intentions to rewrite the book and get it through the editing process. So I’m hoping soon there will be a more polished version of this book around to read in the future.


5. Beyond Falcon’s Reach by Jay Northearn

Like Mira’s Griffin, this fantasy was a good idea that I feel missed the mark a bit when I read it (check out the review here). The lack of imagery, which for a fantastical world that isn’t our own is a bit of a problem, prohibited all the wonder it promised. So I’d definitely flesh out the imagery a bit.

Next on the list would be to add some character introspection. There wasn’t nearly enough of it in this book, which put a big question mark over some of the characters’ development when their actions didn’t reflect what I knew about their character. I want to get into their heads!

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Books I’d Rewrite”

  1. You know, I never shipped Romione until JKR said she regretted putting them together. Then I became really attached to them. They’re the only couple in the epilogue I like. (I like Hinny okay, but I headcanon Ginny as a lesbian so… yeah, that doesn’t really work for me.)

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  2. I haven’t actually read any of the books you’ve mentioned, Rosie, but I have watch the Twilight films and, of course, all the HPs. I think reading a story as an older person, with life experience, does affect your opinion: I watched E.T. a few years ago and was on the side of the adults wanting to kill ET – I mean, Elliot was dying! I’m a Mum: kill that alien! 😉
    I wimped out of talking about specific books this week and did something different with my T5T. 😉 I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Rosie. Here’s my Top 5 Tuesday Post
    Flora x

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