Flash Giveaway!

It’s a flash giveaway this week – blink and it’s gone. This giveaway is only open for entries for 24 hours.

You have me to blame for this because I’m the one running this giveaway!

What’s up for grabs this week? It’s a free e-copy of one of author Emma Hamm’s earlier books:  Heart of the Fae. This book is amazing. Irish mythology goes full-on fantasy in this Beauty and the Beast retelling.


This giveaway isn’t like the last few weeks which have used Rafflecopter as a platform. This one is taking place on Facebook inside the Darkness Rising Party Room – where we’re all gearing up for release day of the Darkness Rising boxed set (if you haven’t snagged yourself a pre-order yet, here’s the link. It’s only 99c for 20+ urban fantasy novels!)

To enter this giveaway is really simple. Go and join the Darkness Rising Party Room and find my giveaway post which goes up today at 12pm Eastern Standard Time and follow the instructions on the post. You’ve got a choice of options as to how to enter and once the 24 hour giveaway period is up, I’ll select a winner who will get a free copy of Heart of the Fae on me!

If you’d like to learn a little more about Heart of the Fae, I did a book review of it ages ago which you can read here.

Have fun entering this giveaway and good luck!

Thanks for reading!

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