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Top 5 Couples I Don’t Think Stayed Together

Oh my goodness, what a difficult topic!

This week for Bionic Bookworm Shana’s Top 5 topic we have “Top 5 Couples I Don’t Think Stayed Together.”

This one is tough. I’m one of those hopeless romantic types that always wants there to be a happy ending. For good to overcome evil and for the main characters to dance away into the sunset, hand in hand. I just don’t want to think about them breaking up afterwards, no matter how inevitable it might be.

So, I’m not sure I’ll be able to find a whole 5 couples who I don’t think made it after the story ends for that very reason. But I’ll give it a good try!


1. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley – The Harry Potter Series

You had to have seen this one coming.

Ron is great. Hermione is awesome. But together, I can’t see them working. Ron will change for the better, we know that, but only after a really big shake-up to his world views. Considering how different he and Hermione are, they will need to compromise a lot and I don’t think Ron will be able to do that very well.

It’ll probably end in tears, mostly Hermione’s, while Ron sits drinking himself stupid with Harry after the divorce, still trying to work out what went wrong. Ron isn’t stupid but he can be completely emotionally constipated and super stubborn when it comes to his views. I’m sorry but Hermione deserves better in any case!


2. Brenanwyn and Alex – Fate’s Hand

This was a great book and loved the plot but the romance between the protagonist and her love interest. Alex had to teach Brenanwyn how to use her newly discovered witchy powers and their romance is supposed to develop between them while this happens. But the spark isn’t there.

While they end up getting close to each other, I don’t think this relationship can go the difference. Alex is centuries old and has a standoffish approach to everything and everyone and there’s not enough warmth. How is a romance supposed to roar to life without the spark?

I don’t think they’d last but the romance was fun while it lasted.

I did a review for Fate’s Hand which you can check out here.


3, Audrey and Logan – Huntress

This one is a bit of a stretch because I always held out hope that Audrey and Logan would have a better relationship.

Logan is tasked with training Audrey to become an angel that kicks ass in the name of the Lord. But he really isn’t that nice to her. I mean, he’s supposed to train her, not make friends with her but he is unnecessarily harsh at times and it’s not the best setup for a relationship.

Their romance does end up having loads of heat but will it last? Logan’s temperament doesn’t really allow for a long-term relationship. I love them both as characters and as much as I want them to go the distance, something tells me they might. Although, I really need to check out the sequels to find out!

I did a review of Huntress a while back which you can check out here – spoiler alert – it’s a 5 star book!


4. Roz Acclam and her SO – The Edge of Dark

It’s been so long since I’ve read this book (at least two years) that I’ve totally forgotten Roz’s husband’s name but I do remember what he did during this book.

This is a great book, if you haven’t read it, it’s one of the few trad published books I’ve probably read in the last few years and it’s ace. My review of The Edge of Dark is here from a long time ago so have a look if you’ve got a mo!

The problem with Roz’s husband is that he isn’t a very understanding person. She lost her whole family in a fire and struggles with returning to the city she was born in, for work. It doesn’t help that she gets possessed by a Tudor ghost throughout. Their marriage goes through a lot of ups and downs during the course of the book and it’s mostly due to her husband not being very empathetic.

If you’ve ever been through trauma, especially at a young age, you’ll know that that stuff sticks with you. It shapes the habits we develop into our adulthood, especially without therapy to help, and if your significant other can’t understand that you need basic support to deal with reignited trauma, there’s only two options. Either your SO will understand you need more from them and try to figure out what that is, or they’ll do what Roz’s husband did and just throw his hands up in the air. (My husband did the first thing and we are now super happy, so I can say for a fact it can work without actually changing who they are.)

I wasn’t a big fan of her husband from the start and they don’t have a very intimate romance so it probably isn’t a bad thing if she ditches him. She deserves more and if she had gotten it from him, maybe her story wouldn’t have been as traumatic.


OK, I’m sorry, I’ve actually run out. I just don’t have 5 relationships to tear apart! Like I say, I try to see the best in romances and stories. I suppose it’s a good thing really.

In any case, I hope this has been a fun list for you and I hope you’ll join me next week for December’s first Top 5!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Couples I Don’t Think Stayed Together”

  1. Very happy to hear that I’m not the only one who doesn’t believe in Ron & Hermione! I was a bit sceptical overall about the whole “they all marry their high-school sweethearts” thing but R&H most of all. Their relationship seems to be based on jealousy, both in book 6 and 7. Not a very healthy foundation for a relationship…

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