Starbucks Giveaway!

Last week’s giveaway was a bit of a bust and I’m sorry about that! My giveaway skills are still pretty rubbish but I’m learning and hopefully next time any giveaway I make will last longer than two minutes.

This week’s giveaway is set in stone so you will absolutely be able to enter:


This is another giveaway courtesy of the Darkness Rising group and they’re enabling our coffee addictions by giving away a $10 Starbucks gift card. Just know that it’s not mandatory to buy coffee, you can get something equally amazing like a whipped cream-topped hot chocolate with sprinkles. Or a glazed donut. Actually, with a $10 gift card, you could probably get all three.

This giveaway is taking place on Rafflecopter, so pop over to the giveaway page right here and put in your entries. I could do with a hot chocolate right about now, but I’m not allowed to enter so go on without me!

Thanks for reading!

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