Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts

I am in the middle of one, long book. It’s a good book but I like to get a few done in a week if I can.

I almost feel a bit guilty admitting to this but I prefer shorter books. For a bookworm who loves to read, it feels like I should be like everyone else and enjoy sitting down with a book the size of my head to get stuck into. What can I say, I love gratuitous action and fast-pacing. Maybe that’s why my own books tend to be a bit on the small side.

Now that it’s December (yay for advent calendars and Christmas shopping!), it’s really hit me that we’re not just approaching the end of a year but the end of a decade. What the hell happened? It was 2005 two minutes ago, I swear! But the start of a new decade has really made me think about the goals I want to achieve for the next one.

Some of you might already know about Operation Phoenix (cool name, cooler purpose!) which is my 5 year plan to quit my day job. Fingers crossed one day all I will do is read and write books and truly live the dream!

I started making this plan a few months ago and spent a few weeks hashing it out so I had a good framework to start from. A plan that long needs some thinking.

So December is a good month to start some plans for something you want to do this decade. Plans big or small, now’s the time! It’s a shame we need milestones like years, decades, millenniums etc. but the fact is we just feel more motivated at these milestones. So let’s take advantage of one of the biggest milestones we’ve had since the start of the millennium and get ourselves into gear.

For me, Operation Phoenix is about doing something I love for the rest of my life and leaving the past behind me. I hope that if you have something you’ve always wanted to do or a life you’ve wanted to live, that you’ll take the chance to do it in 2020 and beyond.

Thanks for reading!


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