Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Yes, we have another Kindle Fire giveaway!

Kindle Fires are a favourite giveaway item of Courtney Cannon and she is hosting this one. I’m a little bit involved with this giveaway in that it is linked in with Courtney’s urban fantasy Book Fair and two of the books I’m involved with are in this fair. (Scorpio’s Grace – my own novel, and Darkness Rising – a boxed set I’m contributing to.)


The books are either free or heavily discounted and all urban fantasy so as well as a giveaway there is a chance to get some freebies. Check out the Book Fair here and have a browse for any cool books you might like.

But on to what we’re really here for: the giveaway!

The Kindle Fire isn’t the only thing up for grabs here but also a Wizard’s holiday deluxe candle and a hardback copy of Star Wars: Thrawn Treason. This time of year I’m addicted to candles, they’re so ambient and make the place seem warmer than it probably is. As for hardbacks, well, if you’ve followed this blog you know how I feel about hardbacks.

This giveaway is right at the bottom of the Book Fair page so scroll to the bottom of the page here and enter.

Good luck with the giveaway and I hope you find yourself a good book or two on the way.

Thanks for reading!

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