Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts

I finally got my hands on The Search (read the review here)!

Funds have been tight and we couldn’t afford to get another Avatar graphic novel until literally a few weeks ago. Me and my husband are starting a collection of these hardback graphic novels and it might be small now, but one day, we hope to have the whole set!

Honestly, I spent a lot more time buying books this week than reading them. When you have no money and can’t buy books, you kinda feel like you have to make up for it when you can afford them again. And I have!

I’m getting back into an urban fantasy streak once I’ve finished the book I’m reading now (The Lay of Lady Percival – fantasy) and I’ve lined up soooo many new books in that genre to get stuck into. Mostly indie books from newly discovered indie authors!

On a more personal note, I ticked something off my bucket list this week: I got my debut novel, Scorpio’s Grace into my local library! I won’t lie, I was pretty terrified because, donation or not, they could still turn me down. But I got lucky! Scorpio’s Grace is now sitting on a shelf in my local library waiting for someone to come and choose it – and I really hope they do!

This last week has actually been one of the best for a while, even if I haven’t read that much. I’ve learned a lot from my fellow indie authors about the indie book world, I’ve only worked at my day job the bare minimum and I’ve made a lot of amazing new indie author friends. Might I add, me and one of my fellow indies have a tentative plan to collaborate on a project for next year, which would be amazing! I’ve always wanted to co-author.

I try to be grateful for every week I have, even if they’ve been a bit challenging, because hardship builds character and strengthens – although my hardships aren’t all that hard these days! But this week has been a particularly good and fun one, so I’m especially grateful.

The end of 2020 is a-comin’ and the closer it gets, the more I find myself reflecting on the last decade. It’s lovely that I can reflect on such good times that happened as lately as this week.

Have a great week, I hope you enjoy your Sunday and that your Monday isn’t too brutal!

Thanks for reading!

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