Signed Paperback & Funko Pop Giveaway!

I love Funk Pops. My favourite one (so far) is Tom Holland as Rihanna during his Lip Sync Battle. Yes, they made one!

So I’m super excited to feature a giveaway this week that has a Funko Pop as a part of the package. And it’s not just any Funko Pop. It’s Tinkerbell!


#8 - JENNIFER SCHLAG - DEC 09 - DEC 15 - IG.jpg

I got so excited about the Funko Pop that I almost forgot about the signed paperback.

Out of all the signed books that I’ve featured since the giveaway feature began, this paperback actually looks the most enticing. Heir of Dragmoore is an epic fantasy that features a baby dragon. I’m picturing the cutest little ball of scales and fire with puppy dog eyes.

If I wasn’t involved in this giveaway with the Darkness Rising group, I’d put in all my entries so darn fast. But I’m going to have to leave this giveaway to you to hopefully win!

This giveaway is taking place on Rafflecopter and as ever, you get to put in several additional entries if you want a better chance at winning.

Here’s the link to this giveaway, which has quite a short lifespan so make sure to enter this one as soon as you can.

Thanks for reading!

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