Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts

Here’s hoping you had a wonderful Christmas this week!

This little pocket of time between Christmas and New Year is when we really start thinking about what we want in our next year. 2020 marks the beginning of a decade and, hopefully, better times.

I began planning next year a little over three months ago when I bought myself a project book and created my 5 year plan. People talk a lot about these long-term plans but they always seemed like something that only really confident people would do. People who were so sure of their abilities and trajectory, that making these plans was just a way of getting to their inevitable success faster.

But if 2019 has taught me anything, it’s that it doesn’t matter how confident you are, success is reliant on hard work and a little luck. Confidence just helps your charisma and while I wish I had more of it than I do, it’s good to stay humble. My inner wallflower helps keep me balanced.

So, after deciding that I’m going to get nowhere without some idea of where I’m going, my 5 year plan is ready to rock. It involves publishing lots of books, learning a lot and ideally, breaking a few bestseller lists. Can’t hurt to aim high, right? The main goal of this plan is to eventually quit my day job and become a writer full-time. Living the dream.

Even with the New Year coming up, I’m not tempted to incorporate New Year’s resolutions into the plan, or vice versa. We act like it’s a much better springboard to life changes than it actually is. Every time I make these resolutions, they are over before the end of January. The ones that stick are the ones that start during the rest of the year and are fused into every day life rather than pulled out of the air during a time when we were probably pretty drunk.

The New Year gives us temporary motivation, it doesn’t last. Probably the best time to be making new rules to live by is the beginning of February, when everyone has already given up. If you can start living your better life at one of the most depressing times of the year (January 24th, most depressing day in the calendar – take a look), then there is truly nothing stopping you.

If there’s one lesson I want to take through to 2020 and the whole decade in general, it’s that have some blind faith in yourself during the hard times is one of the most empowering things you can do. You don’t know things are going to be OK, if you’re going to end up anywhere near to where you want to be, but it’s all good because for now, working your butt off is the only thing you’re really in control of.

Whatever your goals are this year, I hope you reach them either with ease, or with a bucket-load of life lessons that will make everything else in life easier. One way or the other, you got this.

Thanks for reading!

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