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A Grave Death – Book Review

Title: A Grave Death

Author: Victoria DeLuis

Genre: Urban fantasy/magical horror

Rating: Five stars

**Beware the spoilers!**



“As an agent for the Independent Necromancers’ Bureau, it’s Cassie’s job to deal with zombies, catch and remove unwanted ghosts, and track down rogue necromancers. Operating out of Cardiff, one of the most magical cities in the Northern Hemisphere, she sure has her work cut out for her.

When Cassie’s lifelong friend and mentor is murdered, and his spirit severed from his body to prevent anyone talking to him, she vows to catch his killer.

With the body count rising, there’s no doubt dark deeds are at play, and with the dark deeds comes dark magic. Who or what is behind that magic?

Cassie’s the most powerful agent in the U.K. But will that be enough? And who can she trust to help?

Death is on her mind… Is it in her future?”

* * *

This book really confused me after I’d read it. The cover on my e-reader was way more epic than the one I found on Amazon and the blurb read like it had been written in a hurry.

Yet, this book was amazing!

I don’t read a lot of necromancer books but A Grave Death blew all the others out of the water. So much mystery and intrigue, plus the characterisation of Cassie, the main protagonist, was awesome. She is a very switched on young woman who is aware of her own flaws and ploughs on regardless.

A Grave Death was thoroughly unpredictable, I was guessing at every turn. Victoria DeLuis has a knack for quality storytelling.

Cassie’s colleague Marc is found dead in a graveyard and his soul severed from his body. Cassie is determined to find out who did this and why. With the help of Brandon, a transfer from the Texas branch of the Independent Necromancer’s Bureau, Cassie pulls apart the case.

With zombie attacks common and a spirit looking after her cat while she’s at work, Cassie has a lot of experience dealing with the undead. But she’s never seen anything like this before. Brandon and Cassie’s fellow colleagues are targets for the zombie assassins sent by the mysterious necromancer behind Marc’s murder and before long, Cassie realises that the culprit can be no-one other than a member of her own Bureau.

This book was dark and gritty in all the right ways. Cassie’s feelings and conflicts are perfectly popped down on paper for us and I don’t think I’ve experienced this level of immersion in a book for a long time.

So, let me assure you, if you’ve seen (what I assume is) the first cover for this book, which looks a little bit amateurish, don’t be perturbed. A Grave Death is a work of art and if you enjoy magic and zombies, there is a huge chance you will love this one as much as me.

Find A Grave Death on Amazon a-right here and check it out for yourself!

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “A Grave Death – Book Review”

      1. Yes, absolutely. The mystery of who the villain was had me flip-flopping a couple of times and the zombie action certainly got my pulse beating too.


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