#1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts

What’s #1 in the Urban Fantasy Charts?

The Teen & Young Adult Urban Fantasy & Paranormal chart is usually chock full of indie books and in truth, that’s what I chose it. The regular urban fantasy charts tend to have the likes of J.K. Rowling topping them on a permanent basis which wouldn’t make this a very interesting feature.

But lately, the Teen & Young Adult Urban Fantasy & Paranormal chart has been seeing a lot of Philip Pullman. Good on him, especially after all this time. But I hope not too many big names find their way onto this chart because it’s a lot more fun looking at indie books.

Blood Trial is still at the top spot, pretty impressive considering that December/January is a difficult time for indie authors.

So, this week we’re looking at the #2 spot which is the first book in the series and it’s in a really unusual niche of the urban fantasy genre.


missing wolf.PNG

“I’m Anastasia Noble, and shortly after moving to college, my life changed forever.

I became a familiar, bonded to a wolf for life and arrested simply for existing. Woke up in the famous Familiar Empire community where I have to learn to bond with my wolf, or I can never leave. Never again see those whom I love.

Bonding is my only option, if you could even call it an option, but add in familiars going missing every week, plus being stuck in a cabin with three mysterious, attractive, male familiars and their maddening animals…this is not going to be easy.”

* * *

Supernatural people, particularly witches, are known to have familiars. So it’s a super new take on magic to have a person acting as the familiar. Intrigued!

It also looks like there’s a reverse harem element here, which isn’t a big surprise, it’s pretty popular these days. I won’t deny it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. The blurb doesn’t give too much away but it’s still pretty intriguing.

Compared with the other books we’ve had on the charts lately, it’s actually pretty cheap, too. Maybe because it’s first in the series?

The Missing Wolf is up on Amazon here if you’d like to check it out for yourself.

Thanks for reading!


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