Signed Paperback Giveaway!

Cue our first giveaway of 2020!

It’s January and I am royally broke and I’m guessing your are, too. Unless you’re rich, in which case I would love to be your friend. Friends buy each other personal jets, right?

So, is there any better time to be announcing a free paperback? Well, there’s certainly not a bad time so here we go.


The paperback up for grabs this week is Not Sorry!

“Sometimes the most terrifying monster is the one within ourselves.

For over a century, Annaliese Erhardt has made it her mission to protect humans from the very evil she was forced to become. As the only vampire that dares to feed on monsters like herself, every kill makes her stronger, and now she’s one of the most feared – and hated – vampires in all of history.

In her quest to find the one that sired her, Annaliese makes killing vampires a game until her journey sends her to NOLA, a nation full of bloodthirsty vampires who would like nothing more than to see her staked for killing her own kind.

It’s all fun and games until an assassin falls for the one she seeks to destroy.

Fans of JR Ward and True Blood will fall in love with this heart-stopping, fast paced dystopian romance.”

* * *

This copy is signed by the authors and you can increase your chances of winning by doing one or more of the things on the list. Shares, following pages etc.

Enter the giveaway right here. Fingers crossed you’re the winner!

Thanks for reading!

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