Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts

One of the first things I do at the beginning of the year is go on Goodreads. Not just to check if my books have any more reviews (it’s an addictive and pointless hobby). But to set my reading target for the year.

Goodreads have this awesome tracker you can use on their website to set a target for how many books you aim to read during the year. Every time you start reading a book, you select it on Goodreads and update your progress. You’ll need to rate the book once you’ve finished but it’ll add them all up for you and at the end of the year you can marvel at how dedicated a reader you are!

Heck, if you read a lot you’ll probably have heard of it. But it’s a cool resource if you haven’t – and if you’re terrible at keeping track of your books. *raises hand*

Last year, because it was my first year using the Goodreads challenge, I gave myself the aim of reading 30 books. I didn’t really know how much I’d be able to read this year but I wanted to aim for at least one a week, thinking I might not be able to fulfil it. What do you know, I ended the year on well over 40 books.

So this year, I wanted to aim higher. 2019 was a year I learned how to manage my reading, writing and blogging workload and while it isn’t perfect, my time management is miles better than it used to be. (Gradual change for the win – I’m useless at the New Year’s resolution thing).

This year, my target is 55 books. On the grand scale of things, this actually isn’t that much. I’ve seen people put up to 120 books as their reading target this year and I don’t, for the life of me, know how they will possibly manage it. But good on them!

I discovered loads of indie authors last year that I want to continue following and plenty of books on my to-read pile. All I need now is the time to get through them all!

I’ve seen a lot of people pledging to read more this year and making it a part of their New Year’s Resolutions, which is awesome. Hopefully they’ll last longer than all the joggers clogging the pavements for the next three weeks before they realise how rubbish running is and go back to being couch potatoes. Swimming > running any day!

If you’ve set any resolutions this year, I hope you keep them. I’m useless at keeping them because I find it easier to keep habits if I implement them gradually and give myself time to adjust to each change first. Permanent behaviour takes time and persistence, for me at least.

This year on The Secret Library, I do resolve to do several things, though. Keep up the reviews, make sure you all have access to plenty of giveaways and news on the world of indie urban fantasy. This blog is over a year old now and I plan to keep it going indefinitely!

Happy New Year and good luck with all your goals, ambitions and dreams for 2020.

Thanks for reading!

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      1. I technically have one with my book group but I am the moderator (and creator) of the challenge rather than an actual participant. I came to accept a number of years ago that reading challenges aren’t for me as I tend to put too much pressure on myself and they take the fun out of reading for me. So my GR challenge number is 1 lol! I just use it to see the number at the end of the year rather than to challenge myself :)))


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