Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I love entering these giveaways because they automatically give me book money. There’s no way I can pay my bills with it, it’s on Amazon and there’s only one thing to be done with Amazon money – spend it on books. No question.

I know for a fact this would happen because I’ve actually won two of these gift card giveaways before. They did not last long. Those things are lucky if they survive 24 hours.

This week’s giveaway is a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card, just enough to buy three new e-books or that paperback you’ve been dying to get. (I have so many of those).

#12 FACEBOOK.png

I’m not allowed to enter this one because I’m a part of the Darkness Rising team that brought you this giveaway, but I really wish I could. I love me a book budget upgrade.

So, if you fancy a chance at $10 extra to build up your TBR pile, enter the giveaway here!

Good luck and look out for the next giveaway in a week’s time.

Thanks for reading!

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