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The Blue Devil – Book Review

Title: The Blue Devil

Author: Quirah Casey

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: Five stars

** Gratuitous violence and cursing throughout **

** I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **



“Dead bodies have been turning up in Lobrooke, and they have Blue’s name written on them…literally.

A ruthless killer with a dark past, Blue has built a reputation as the Blue Devil, and everyone in the supernatural hotspot of Lobrooke knows to stay the fuck out of her way. She’s a cold, merciless, and powerful dragon, but she’s not invincible, and someone is out to prove it. When she’s implicated in a string of vicious murders in her town, Blue is forced to ditch her one-woman act and join an actual team. The problem is, her team members are a stick-in-the-mud law enforcement agent and a gorgeous, infuriating foreigner, neither of whom she can trust. If she wants to survive and protect the people she loves, Blue must put aside her pride and show everyone that she can be more than a devil.”


My Review

Blue is a dragon-shifter assassin who runs the town of Lobrooke through her intimidating reputation alone. But someone apparently wants to take her down. After several murders take place in Lobrooke which are linked directly to Blue, she becomes a suspect. As an assassin, that’s not too much of a stretch for the local supernatural police department.

Forced to join forces with agent Blaine Levitsky and newcomer London Stendahl, Blue follows the trail of blood and destruction in order to find answers as to who is framing her and why.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and I absolutely loved it. This is definitely one of the better books to find its way into my inbox.

Blue is a character you hate to love, but you can’t help yourself. She is a wild character, thoroughly unpredictable to everyone around her but creates sound logic for her off-the-wall behaviour. Her use of magic is awesome, too. Summoning the shadows to conceal her from people as well as using them to create weapons is one of the coolest powers I’ve ever seen. We don’t see much of her dragon shifting throughout the book but hopefully that’ll come into play in later books.

The Blue Devil is a pretty gory book, there’s lots of blood and guts though it isn’t overly graphic. The plotline, pacing, the supporting characters and the suspense are all expertly crafted and I’m surprised The Blue Devil hasn’t gotten more attention than it has.

You could read this book in a day if you wanted and honestly, you probably will once you start.

I couldn’t recommend this book more and it has earned itself The Secret Library Seal of Recommendation!

seal small

If you want to check out The Blue Devil, here is the Amazon link.

Thanks for reading!

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