Sunday Thoughts

Sunday Thoughts

I’ve reached the unfortunate moment in every month when I have run out of money in my book budget. And we’ve still got weeks left of January. It really is the hardest month.

Yesterday me and my husband gave our little one-bedroom flat a thorough spring cleaning. (If you know how tiny London apartments are, you know just how little). We’re a few months ahead of the scheduled time of year for it but honestly, we just couldn’t wait to get started. Now our place is tidy, organised and better yet, there is a ton more space available on the bookshelf.

Yes, I said bookshelf. Singular. Aside from our place being so small, I still have to butter my husband up enough to get a huge bookshelf. You know, whenever we move to our giant mansion when I go bestseller. (Keep dreamin’ Rosie!)

Anyway, those gaps in my bookshelf are making the whole thing look untidy. So, I’ve committed to filling them with some of my favourite indie books. It’s a New Year’s Resolution I’m happy to keep. Throughout 2020 I’m committed to buying paperback (or hardback! Yay!) copies of my favourite indie books to fill my shelves.

Who knows, maybe I’ll dedicate a whole shelf to Kat Ross? In fact, I am, I’ve already decided.

When self-publishing first started out, I was as sceptical as most about the quality of the books that would be released. But I am as big a fan now of indie books as traditionally published books. Don’t get me wrong, the indie book world is a bit like an editor’s slush pile at times: you’ve got to wade through some rubbish to get to the good stuff. But there’s a lot of indie talent out there and I want them on my bookshelf.

Hard times are made that slightest bit easier by having a new book, especially one that you can hold in your hands. (New book smell, am I right?) Once pay day rolls around, it’ll be time to start collecting indie paperbacks!

If you were wondering whether you should start spring cleaning earlier this year, I completely encourage it. It is the BEST excuse to buy a metric ton of new books. Life hack of the century.

Thanks for reading!

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