Two-Book Giveaway!

Double the trouble this week! Who am I kidding? Giveaways aren’t trouble. It’s free stuff, it’s one of the only things that isn’t trouble.

The point is, there are two books up for grabs this week in the same giveaway. One is a graphic novel called Guilty Pleasures and the other is a signed paperback of Blood Bound, which is a really recent release.

This giveaway is another corker from the Darkness Rising team and these are both physical books – so make some room on your bookshelf!


The window of opportunity to enter this giveaway is quite small because it finishes last thing on Sunday so make sure to get your entries in as soon as you can.

As ever, you can put in several entries by doing various things like sharing, liking things etc. So make sure you maximise your chance of getting these books. Because, come on, don’t they look gorgeous?

To enter this giveaway, go to this page on Rafflecopter and check it out.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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