Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round Up: 23rd – 29th January

They say you can’t change a man but I beg to differ. I got an unexpected package through the post yesterday (yay!) and after my husband texted me to open it, I discovered he had ordered this:


My husband, who isn’t into reading that much and notices through a furrowed brow if there is an extra book on the shelf from when he last checked, ordered a book, unprompted. There you go, ladies. All it took was eleven solid years of gushing about literature.

Whenever I get these graphic novels through the post (in hardback, obviously), they get put straight to the top of my TBR list. It might seem unfair but it literally takes half an hour to read if you sit down and get immersed. So the books that were already at the top of the list will go through a split-second delay in getting opened.

All this week I’ve been reading Bride of the Sea by Emma Hamm (check out the review here) and as expected, it was a cracking read. Emma Hamm is one of those authors I am a die-hard fan of. That’s the best thing about indie authors, it’s really easy to become die-hard fans of them because they put out so many books. I love Deborah Harkness but she rarely puts out books. Trad publishing is great too but it just takes so long.

Anyway, now I’ve finished Bride of the Sea, I’ve started reading my next book: The Night Raven. Magical mafia families in this one and it’s the first time I’ve ever read anything like this. Only a few chapters in, but this is looking to be an awesome read, too.

I haven’t read a book under four stars for ages and I have to say, I love it. It’s turning out to be a great run.

I’m going to start reading multiple books at a time again because honestly, there’s no such thing as too much reading and hell, I’m finally on vacation. Why the hell not?

Thanks for reading!

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