The Anxious Author

New Feature – The Anxious Author

I mentioned last week in my Sunday Thoughts post that I’ve been listening to a few writing podcasts lately. These things are full of guidance and industry info and they’re just the slightest bit addictive.

On The Creative Penn, they were discussing how authors can deal with their anxiety and combat self-doubt when making a long-term effort to become successful. Oh my goodness did I need to listen. Self-doubt, anxiety and the feeling of wanting to bail immediately on account of both are just a few of the things anxious authors can feel while trying to publish.

So many authors have anxiety, for the reason that because we are able to believe anything can happen in our stories, we also believe that anything can happen in our lives. Cue daily irrational fears and panic attacks.

In between visualising our own terrible deaths by slipping in the bathroom “Final Destination” style, we also tend to talk our talents down too. How well we write, whether we are good/lucky/talented enough to make it and whether there’s any point at all, are all things that cross our minds. Frequently.

So, I’ve decided that on Sundays, instead of the regular Sunday Thoughts feature, we will have a The Anxious Author feature. We’ll talk about all the specific problems that authors with anxiety face and ideas about how to address them. Honestly, I always thought that the anxiety was inevitable and didn’t realise that managing this anxiety was important to progress.

But now that I have discovered the hows and the whys, it’s important to talk about anxiety, how it relates to our work and how to combat it when it does show up. Here are some of the kind of topics I’ll touch on:

  •  How to Challenge Your Self-Doubt in Your Writing
  • Tea vs. Coffee During Writing Sessions
  • 5 Changes You Can Make to Keep Writer’s Anxiety at Bay
  • 3 Affirmations You Need as an Anxious Writer
  • 3 Ways Anxiety Helps with Our Writing and How to Utilise It

Although this is aimed at writers who have to deal with anxiety and imposter syndrome, I’m hoping it’ll be useful for anyone who’s trying to pursue a creative dream and has difficulty with their anxiety.

So, starting next week I’ll start the anxious writing!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “New Feature – The Anxious Author”

  1. That sounds really awesome. I suffer from depression and anxiety, I have since I was a little girl but it took me until my thirties to get a proper diagnosis. I wish I hadn’t waited. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what I’m working on, I’m always anxious about it. My biggest fear is the negative review. I’ve had some real horror ones. I’m looking forward to some extra help in improving my mental health. Thank you so much for taking on this topic! ❤

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