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Reading Round Up: 6th February 2020 – 12th February 2020

I didn’t buy any books this week. That’s not something I should really be able to remember given the number of mini tasks I do every week but the sting of not having a new book is real. Still feeling the effects of Christmas, my book budget isn’t as big as I want it to be.

I only managed to make any progress on one book this week and that was The Night Raven, the subject of yesterday’s review. Now I’m back at work, there’s less time to do everything and naturally, more to do than ever. Between book writing and the work that’s currently earning me a living, there’s not time for much.

Now the weather is getting better and Spring is on its way, I’m desperate to put aside a day to focus on reading. I’m longing to have a guilt-free book day when I can get through a chunk of my TBR list.

I’ve just had a few new books come into my inbox that look pretty interesting so I’m going to have a sift through and take a proper look. It’s been a while since I’ve done a review from a review request and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in again.

My reading habit or lack thereof this week has reminded me to take more breaks. Working is all well and good, especially if you’re working towards a dream you’ve had for so long. But making a dream come true is a long-haul thing. We’ve got to take a bit of time to chill out and invest in hobbies.

And hey, if you’re a writer, reading is basically homework anyway. The best homework there is!

I guess I’ll have to take full advantage of playing nurse to my husband (no, not in the sexy way – unfortunately) and start reading rather than writing while he sleeps off the flu.

Whatever obligations you have this week, I hope you have the chance to get stuck into a book for a little while. Even if it’s in that half an hour before the kids get home from school. Remember, it’s important for your sanity. Keep reading!

Thanks for reading!

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