What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile?

I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned this but I tend to do a lot of my reading at the gym. I’m still nowhere near in the shape I want to be but I can chin lift a lot better than I used to. (It’s my ultimate goal to be able to do several chin-ups in a row #fitnessgoals). It’s a little difficult to read and do chin-ups (I need a gym bro to help me out with that) but when I’m on the cycle machine or treadmill, I get a few chapters in.

This is why I haven’t gotten to the books in my inbox as soon as I’d like, they’re just not as accessible. But this week I’m spending a lot of time at work (yay) and staying closer to home where all my books are (yay!).

One of the books I’ll be focusing on in the next few weeks is a book that only hit my inbox a few days ago but I love the look of it:


last memoria

“There’s nothing Sarilla hates more than stealing memories. It robs people of their lives as surely as if she killed them, leaving behind only the husk of who they once were. Since Sarilla is one of the few with the ability to transfer memories, she’s highly prized by the king. He makes her take them from his people to keep them in line. All Sarilla wants is to escape to where nobody knows what she is or what she can do, but her plans go awry when she runs into Falon. He hopes to use Sarilla to help get his stolen memories back, whether she wants to or not.”

* * *

Shameful admission time: this cover alone made me want to agree to read and review it. It’s gorgeous and I can’t get over it. But I pulled myself together and made myself read the blurb too, I still felt like I wanted to read it. So, I’ve redeemed myself a little, right?

It wasn’t immediately obvious what the genre of this book was but after a little digging I discovered this one is straight-up fantasy. It’s been a while since I read a straight fantasy rather than an urban fantasy but it’s nice to shake it up.

This book is pretty much a mystery to me and I’m kinda looking forward to being almost completely surprised by a book. An enigma every now and again can’t hurt. I’m looking forward to this one!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “What’s on the reading pile?”

  1. After falling off a treadmill years ago trying to read I have switched to audiobooks only when working out. As for the chin up – that’s one of my goals too! I’d love to be able to do countless pushups and, like, ten chin ups in a row one day. These spaghetti arms are not helping me!

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