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New Release – Essence of Magic

We’re back!

I’m resurrecting the New Release feature for 2020 as I have stumbled across a whole host of very talented urban fantasy authors who have already released new books this year and deserve a huge shout-out.

So for at least the next few months we will have new releases on The Secret Library every Saturday to showcase a few of the best new books in the urban fantasy, paranormal and supernatural genres. Let’s kick it off with:

Title: Essence of Magic

Author: L. J. Rivers

Genre: Urban fantasy

Release date: 3rd January 2020



“My name is Ruby Guinevere Morgan. I’m half Fae, with healing powers and the ability to throw the occasional force field.

When I left my home town to study journalism, I made a promise to my mum to stay hidden from the Harvesters hunting for magical blood–like mine. My first week at university, and I’m already about to break my promise.

See, I tend to poke my nose into places where it doesn’t belong, and I can’t look away when the disappearance of a girl on campus is connected to the hottest drug on the market, MagX. The same drug that killed my dad.

My search for answers drags my new friends into the fray. And someone—or something—is watching me from the shadows.

Blood is about to be spilt and it might very well be mine.

* * *

It feels like half-species tropes died out in the 00s so it’s awesome to see a new release with this trope. I used to love them and often fantasised about being a changeling myself and maybe one day my special powers would emerge.

But this kind of book would have been a little dark for teenage me so this is great timing.  I’m going through a dark book phase right now and it’s a little bit addictive.

This book is set in London, too, which gives loads of promise for a great backdrop to a magical story. You can’t go wrong with London because it’s such a vibrant, vivid place yet everything can go to hell if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Unfortunately I’ve lived here long enough to confirm that as a fact!)

So, if you’re looking for a darker urban fantasy read, Essence of Magic is available on Amazon right now at a pretty reasonable price. Amazon is telling me $3.99 on the USA site and £3.08 on the UK site, both of which are pretty good.

I’m going to grab myself a copy and have a read!

Thanks for reading!

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