Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round Up: 27th Feb – 4th March 2020

I had a reading first this week. If you read yesterday’s book review of Blood Legend: Undead, you’ll know that I missed my stop on the tube the other day because I was so engrossed. You’d think it was annoying but I was actually kinda happy about it. I mean, if I too busy reading to temporarily forget to get off the train, I must have been having a darn good time!

It’s always a good week when you discover a new author you enjoy reading. I definitely have a list of top 10 authors and it’s changed in the last ten years or so now that I’m reading more indie authors and less traditionally published books. But all the authors on my top 10 list have more than earned my admiration and I daresay that I have found a new author to put on this list. Although, I think I will read a few more of her books before I make that decision official.

Blood Legend: Undead was a short read which was partly good and partly bad. On the one hand it would have been great to read more of the story but on the other, I have been worried about falling behind on my reading for a while, now things are getting busier and busier. This book has allowed me to catch up a little bit and give me some extra time to stay ahead of my schedule. What can I say? I hate being late but I’m not exactly comfortable being on time, either!

I’ve got lots of books ready to go for the next few weeks, all indie books and lots of them sent to my inbox. It’s happy days when your TBR pile is nice and big.

My writing has also taken a turn this week (for the better) as my latest novel “A Druid’s Secret” which will be a part of the Darkness Rising boxed set (pre-order it if you haven’t already!), is almost finished! All that’s left is a final proofing, some formatting and it’ll be good to go.

Darkness Rising has been a big project for me for a while now and it’s strange to see the writing part coming to an end. But we still have a whole six weeks left to really smash our pre-order goals and get the word out about the set. All the books in the set are urban fantasy and paranormal romance so if you think you might enjoy it, please pre-order it and tell your friends! We would hugely appreciat eyour support!

Thanks for reading!

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