New Releases

New Release – Ecokinesis

Title: Ecokinesis

Author: Cassie Greutman

Genre: Paranormal/supernatural

Release date: 19th February 2020


“After everything Trish has done to get to Sanctuary, nothing on earth could get her to leave. But when Trish’s ex shows up with news that Starren’s life is in danger, her conscience refuses to let her sit idly by, even though that means abandoning her family, security, and everything she’s worked so hard to earn. Luckily, those who love her won’t let her go alone.
Leaving Sanctuary requires a trip to Faerie, a vicious and dangerous place where humans are hated and her people are most vulnerable. There she meets a dark and sinister relative.
As trouble escalates and the mission becomes deadly, can Trish draw enough power from her abilities to save her team and herself, or was this mission doomed to fail from the start?”

* * *

Book two in the series and book one is right here if you fancy checking it out.

Fae books aren’t taking the charts by storm like vampires did and frankly, I think it’s a shame. I’ve written a fairy character into my latest novel (which I finished this week, yay!) and I love her to death. But fae stories are taking a darker turn these days and that’s the vibe I’m getting from this book.

Light-hearted paranormal stories are taking a back seat to their darker cousins these days and this new release fits squarely into the latter.

Congratulations to author Cassie Greutman on her recent release! Don’t forget to check out Ecokinesis on Amazon if you’re in the mood for some dark fae stories!

Thanks for reading!


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