Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I’m not sure there’s been a better time to win gift cards. Now that everyone’s hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer we can’t exactly pop to the shops and get some, getting it online is our only hope!

This week’s Darkness Rising giveaway is a $10 Amazon gift card and boy, hasn’t it come at a good time? Something tells me in the next few weeks/months with COVID-19 spreading, that everyone’s going to be ordering more things over the internet so what’s the harm in having a bit of online currency?


There are only five more weeks left until release day for the Darkness Rising boxed set and as such, there are only five more giveaways! It’s like we’re coming to the end of an era. This giveaways is only open for the next few days and finishes last thing on Sunday, winner to be announced on Monday.

Enter the giveaway on Rafflecopter here and as usual, you can give yourself more chances to win by sharing and liking things. Take a look!

PS: I made a pledge to keep Corona virus out of my blog posts as much as humanly possible but we’ve woken up to a virus panic this morning that is a little difficult to ignore. So, here it is, an acknowledgement of the pandemic and the panic it is spreading. If we’re going to keep our sanity, we’re going to need to chuckle at it all every once in a while. Who knows how long this is going to last?

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Amazon Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. I’m looking at silver linings. Who wants to risk the library, or wait for a paperback to be delivered. Kindle books could really take off during people’s confinements. Not that I’d ever wish for this.

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