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Top 5 Authors K-O

We’re halfway through the alphabet this week in Shana at Bionic Bookworm‘s challenge to recommend one author for every letter of the alphabet. The first half of the alphabet was a breeze but something tells me this week could be a bit of a challenge.

However, this list does have one of my favourite authors of all time on it. This. Lady. Is. Amazing:


K – Kat Ross

I only discovered Kat Ross very recently but her books are quality stuff and they reached me on a whole new level. Her characters are human, but not, distinct and loveable (or hateable). Her worlds are vivid and striking but I always imagine the people and places as dark and lacking in colour, like a picture-perfect black-and-white movie.

Stories do their jobs right when they have unexpected twists and an atmosphere: a feeling that carries you through the book without letting you take a breather. This is what makes Kat Ross’ books so addictive.

So far, I’ve reviewed three of her books in the Gaslamp Gothic series: The Daemoniac, The Thirteenth Gate and A Bad Breed. She is still pumping out books for this series and so far, I have to catch up on books four and five and I can’t wait!

If you’re a fan of historical paranormal horror, these are the best books I could possibly recommend.


L – Harper Lee

Again cheating and using a surname this time but this lady is a legend. In high school, our class read her book To Kill A Mockingbird and I fell in love with it. For a white highschooler in the back-end of Wales, reading about racism and justice (or lack thereof) in Alabama was eye-opening to say the least.

To Kill A Mockingbird definitely helped point my moral compass north, especially when I grew up in an all white community with no real concept of race or white privilege. Plus, Scout, as a protagonist, really spoke to me as a child who did what she thought was right and didn’t understand adults’ reactions when they told her that things were more complicated than she knew.

While her second book Go Set A Watchmen felt like a bit of a disappointment, Harper Lee still deserves a place on this list.


M – Monique Martin

Monique Martin is one of those authors whose books I fell in love with and stopped reading for an inexcusably long time. Martin specialises in the genre of time-travel and historical urban fantasy and I can’t get enough of her books.

I’ve read and reviewed several of her books on The Secret Library: Blaze, Out of Time, When the Walls Fell and Nairobi JackOut of Time was one of the very first reviews on this blog which I wrote on 30th May 2018 – it still blows my mind that The Secret Library is nearly two years old!

There’s so much action in Martin’s books that you just know you’re not going to escape the next chapter without some high-octane awesomeness or some major feels. I’m making an oath to get back into reading some more by Monique Martin as I’ve definitely neglected her books lately.


N – Nya Jade

The Year of Four is the only book I’ve read from author Nya Jade and I can’t remember how I ended up reading it. It wasn’t recommended, or sent into my inbox, or popped up in an ad. As far as I can gather, I stumbled across this book on Amazon and loved the cover and blurb so naturally, it ended up in my e-reader.

This was probably the first academy book (besides Harry Potter, which doesn’t really count) I ever read and it really got me into the genre. Nya Jade does great work with surrealism and her world-building skills are really up there. The Year of Four is not a standard academy book and it is definitely worth a read.

Like a lot of the books I read, book two is yet to hit my e-reader but it’s on the to-do list for 2020.


O – *404 error*

This list wasn’t actually that challenging until we got to O. Not got one.

I hope the four awesome authors above make up for not having the last letter, these ladies are amazing and their books need to be read!

Thanks for reading!

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