Fantasy Ring and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

It’s giveaway time again and things have taken an interesting twist in the Darkness Rising team as we gear up for release day which is a little under a month away. Or, as someone on the team said the other day, “we have a February left to go.” 28 days and counting.

That means we’ve only got four more weeks left of giveaways until release day!

So, what have we got this week? A fantasy ring. This thing is beautiful, take a look:


Engraved with magical symbols, this ring turns into a mini gyroscope when you take it apart and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Not only that but this ring is a part of a package that includes a $10 Amazon gift card.

I’m getting a lot of Lord of the Rings vibes from this ring but in my opinion, it’s a way cooler piece of jewellery. A perfect little artefact for a story about Tabatha, the protagonist in my novel A Druid’s Secret, and an aspiring Magical Artefacts Agent. A Druid’s Secret is in the Darkness Rising boxed set if that sounds appealing!

To enter the giveaway go to this link on Rafflecopter and follow the instructions. Don’t forget you can enter more than once by completing one or more of the optional actions.

I hope you get a chance to enter this one – one of the last giveaways of the season!

Thanks for reading!

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