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5 Best Playlists to Help with Focus – The Anxious Author

We’ve never had it better when it comes to entertainment. We’ve got more games consoles, social media and streaming services than we know what to do with and there is just no way we can ever get bored. The problem is, that means we have too much to choose from when we’re trying to procrastinate.

When we’ve unplugged the internet and hidden the TV remote, we still find ways to distract ourselves. So, we try putting music on but that’s distracting too. The lyrics fill our heads with words that we can’t put to paper (because that’s plagiarism) and if a song comes on that we want to dance to, who’s going to stop us?

But there are some playlists out there that actually help us focus while we write or work and I’ve found some of the best. I’ve personally tried and tested these playlists and they really aid focus. Better yet, they’re all available on YouTube.

1. Afterglow

This one would be my favourite if it wasn’t for the last entry. It’s moody, it’s got lots of strings and it really puts you in the zone. This playlist is perfect if you’re writing some thoughtful, emotive or gentle scenes. The songs all have nice, slow rhythms and they’re just so beautiful. The picture is a perfect compliment to the music and it will suck you in enough that distractions have a much harder time snatching you away from your work.

Listen to this playlist on YouTube – here’s the link!

2. Studio Ghibli Piano Playlist

If you’ve never heard of Studio Ghibli, where on earth have you been?

This Japanese animation studio has produced amazing movies such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and my personal favourite, Arrietty. As with most Japanese produced movies, the scores are just epic and they make for the best ear-candy. This playlist features piano renditions of Studio Ghibli’s most famous songs. They’re a great way to keep focused and under the right circumstances they’re also great to fall asleep to.

Here’s the link to this awesome playlist.

3. Chillstep Live

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to this playlist and it’s one of the most soothing collection of songs I’ve ever heard. Unlike the others on this list, this playlist is a livestream which means the music plays live. It’s a bit like radio but the songs are on a constant loop.

This is one of the longest playlists out there right now, so if you’ve got a big working/studying session plan, this is the one to listen to. In addition, the artwork that shows throughout the playlist is absolutely stunning and really sets the mood for the music. Check out the artist in the description, they’ve got some other amazing works to look at.

Here’s the link for Chillstep Live, enjoy!

4. Lofi Hip-Hop Radio

If you need something a little more up-beat to work to, this might be your playlist. The instruments used are less gentle and lulling, which are perfect for keeping us awake if we’re studying something particularly boring. Oh heck, it’ll help keep us awake if we’ve run out of coffee (god forbid).

In fact, if any of the others on this list do put you to sleep with their soothing tunes, this one is most certainly the antidote.

Listen to the Lo-fi Hip-Hop Radio at this link.

5. The Arrietty Soundtrack

Remember when I said Arrietty was my favourite Studio Ghibli film? Well the soundtrack is one of the biggest reasons for it hitting the top spot. The score, written and performed by Cecile Corbel is a work of art and it’s by far my favourite playlist.

I couldn’t find a playlist with the exact songs I was looking for but the songs on this playlist still bring the magic of the soundtrack to life. Some of them do have lyrics but half are instrumental and even if the lyrics are a complete distraction, I can guarantee it’s worth it. It’s a truly unique playlist.

Listen to the Arrietty soundtrack a-right here.

I hope this list of playlists, whether you’re an Anxious Author or not, gives you many long, productive work and study sessions. They’ve served me well in the past and I hope they do the same for you.

Thanks for reading!

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