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Top 5 Authors P-T

How is your personal quarantine going? If you’ve got more books than toilet paper, I salute your priorities. With enough tea, chocolate and reading material, we’ll get through this pandemic smoother than a plotline seconds before a devastating plot twist. Just, without the plot twist…hopefully.

We bloggers, led by blogger extraordinaire Shana at Bionic Bookworm are carrying on our alphabetised list of our favourite authors and this week’s letters are P through T. This one’s going to be a breeze!

P – Pamela Hartshorne

This author is probably the only traditionally published author on this entire list but she really deserves a spot. I’ve only read one of her books The Edge of Dark which I reviewed a few years back. This was the first book I checked out of my hometown library after returning from a year in China and I was desperate for some decent books written in English. This book was a wonderful first read after returning home.

The Edge of Dark was a dark read, featuring a mysterious fire that killed the protagonist’s family, haunted medieval artefacts and ghosts controlling people from beyond the grave. Split between the modern world and flashbacks to Tudor times, this story was exquisite. I need to read more from this author!

Q – Quirah Casey

Yes, I have a Q!

I was lucky enough to be approached by Quirah Casey to review one of her books The Blue Devil which I thoroughly enjoyed. Supernatural assassin, Blue, has the town of Lobrooke in the palm of her hand. But someone is trying to frame her for several murders and she needs to find out who before they dismantle her empire for good.

Hardened, cold, supernatural assassins can come across very similar but Blue has a depth of character that both surprised and intrigued me. Her character development and self-awareness were big plot carriers and made this story a seriously quality book. Hats off to Quirah Casey for this gem!

R – Philip Rickman

I may have lied about Pamela Hartshorne being the only traditionally published author on this list. Philip Rickman authored The Magus of Hay which is another gem I picked up from the library a few years back. There aren’t many references to magic in this book but it still made for a thrilling read.

The Magus of Hay is set in the town I grew up in, Hay-on-Wye, a tiny little book town on the border between England and Wales. It’s been so long since I read this book that I forget the finer details of the plot (a good sign I need to read it again!) but the warm, fuzzy, good book feelings are still there whenever I see it in my Goodreads.

S – Sarah Painter

This author is a recent discovery for me. Picture sifting for gold in the Wild West and finding an especially large nugget that will set you up for life. That’s how I feel about this author. She’s so good that I’ll be reading her books forever.

Her book The Night Raven was one of those page-turners that will keep you up until 3am to finish it even though you’re up at 6am. I read and reviewed this book not long ago and it had me hooked. Lydia Crow belongs to a magical family and not just the blood-related kind. Akin to the magical mafia, the Crow family have a missing family member and they enlist Lydia to help find her. When an attempt is made on Lydia’s life and she begins to see ghosts, she realises there is more going on than first meets the eye.

This book is expertly written and it’s a fantastic read, so I will recommend this author at every opportunity!

T – Scott. H. Thomas

How I came across this author is still a mystery to me. I think his book, The Tiger with a Sapphire Eye was on sale and my book budget was looking a little dismal. The cover looked intriguing and it did not disappoint.

Teenage protagonists from the Victorian age take centre stage in this magical mystery. Urban fantasy is my favourite genre but there is something especially wonderful about magic in older eras. This story is very much a “teens follow the clues until they get into monumental trouble” kind of book and it’s so well written that book two can’t come soon enough.

Thanks for reading!

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