Fantasy Windchimes and Mug Giveaway

We have some themed giveaway items this week from the Darkness Rising team. It’s still fantasy themed, in fact, it’s a mermaid-fest this week!

The windchimes and mug in this giveaway are themed with the book Ocean Shadows which is a novel that will be included in the Darkness Rising boxed set.

Personally, I love the darker mermaid stories, especially after reading Emma Hamm’s Bride of the Sea. (Amazing book!)

So this giveaway is perfect for anyone who’s a big fan of the dark, magical underwater books, or just loves a seaside vibe!

Enter this giveaway on Rafflecopter and choose how many entries you’d like to put in. There are loads of things you can do to put in more entries so make sure to do as many of those as possible to be in with the best chance.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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