New Releases

New Release – Sound

Title: Sound

Author: Maya Daniels

Genre: Urban fantasy

Release date: 14th April 2020

To break the curse, you must hear the silence.

I’ve tried not to make this blog all about the Darkness Rising boxed set, even though it’s my baby and I’m super proud of it. So, I’ve held off on the self-promotion so as not to plague you with it. But, release day is a mere three weeks away and I’ve really got to start plugging this boxed set if we’re going to hit the USA Today Bestseller List!

Enter Sound, a beautifully covered urban fantasy novel by Maya Daniels, which is one of the 20+ novels in the set.

In case I haven’t told you what’s happening with this boxed set, Darkness Rising is a collection of 20+ urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels (including mine, A Druid’s Secret). This entire set is only 99c and is only available for one month between 14th April and 12th May, but it’s up for pre-order right now.

Here’s the universal link which will take you to the purchase page of your favourite online publisher. We’ve got this thing on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple – the works!

If Sound looks like your kind of read, there are 20 more books where that came from, so grab yourself a copy!

Thanks for reading!

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