New Releases

New Release – Blood King

Title: Blood King

Author: Becca Blake

Genre: Urban fantasy

Release date: 14th April 2020

“The death of a man…the birth of a king.”

There’s only a few more weeks until the release of the Darkness Rising boxed set and in case you haven’t read all about it on The Secret Library for the past few months, here’s what it’s all about.

Darkness Rising is a limited edition urban fantasy collection of over 20 full-length novels from best-selling and new authors. (Did I mention my book, A Druid’s Secret is in there, too?)

This boxed set is trying to hit the USA Today Bestseller List and so, this whole set is on sale for only 99c! Because it’s limited edition, it isn’t going to be around for long, either. From when Darkness Rising goes on sale on 14th April, it will then only be available until 12th May when it is pulled from all the retailers.

The good news is, Darkness Rising is up for pre-order now with all major online retailers so it can go straight to your e-reader on the day of release.

Here is the universal link for this boxed set, make sure you grab your copy before it disappears!

This is such an exciting project for me and the other authors involved. I’ve learned so much, made lots of new friends and learned what it means to be part of a big, indie project. We are just a few, short weeks away from release and I can’t wait!

Thank you so much for your support in this project, you are essential to the goal and we couldn’t be more grateful to you and everyone who has pre-ordered!

Also, please keep your eyes open during release week because I will be doing a giveaway for the boxed set to help us get a few more eyes on it. Similarly, if you feel like sharing this post or want to help with sharing the message about the set, go nuts! We have a party room and a Facebook page if you fancy learning more about the novels and authors in the set, plus a first-hand look at all our giveaways and offers to do with the set.

Thanks for reading!

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