What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile? 06/04/2020

My TBR pile was actually dwindling in the first half of March and my book budget wasn’t getting any bigger. In the last two weeks alone I have filled up my e-reader with over 20 books either free or 99p and I am eternally grateful to the authors.

During this pandemic, funds have been tight. Under usual circumstances I would buy a few full-priced books every few weeks and keep that cycle going, occasionally splurging on a paperback or (gasp) a hardback. I understand the value of a self-published book and how much effort has gone into making it, so I make a point of buying books full price. Unless a good, unexpected deal happens to cross my path.

In this rapidly changing world in which affording things is suddenly more difficult, free and discounted books are a godsend. So now, with a completely full e-reader, it’s tough to pick a book to talk about!

So here’s one I’m really excited to start reading:

I’m not a witch.”
“You are now.”

Those are the staggering words I heard after chasing my dog, Macaroon, into what I quickly learned was a magical ceremony. There, I was struck by an ancient power which invested me as the head witch of all supernatural creatures.

By accident.
Fun side note: the mantle was supposed to be granted to my crush, Fletcher, who… guess what… also happens to be a witch. Thanks to Macaroon, I really stepped in it this time. 
As freaked as I am, the coven is in a complete tizzy. Fearing a magical upheaval in the supernatural community, they warn that no one can learn of this catastrophic secret. But when I’m overcome by a devastating vision, I discover a far more sinister darkness closing in. 
Partnering with the coven, can we find a way to transfer the magic to Fletcher? Or will the chaos of rebellion bring the supernatural community to its knees? 

* * *

I stumbled across this book when the author commented her book on a Facebook post and it looked so good, I had to investigate. (At one point I wondered if Facebook posts or comments made any difference to sales but this proved without a doubt that they do!)

Most coming-of-age witch books feature young witches who didn’t know they had their powers until a significant moment in their lives. But this witch wasn’t born this way, she was gifted it for some reason and I, for one, want to know why.

I’m in the middle of Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman right now and with one more book left to clear out of my inbox, it might be a few weeks until I get to it. But I’m certainly looking forward to it!

Thanks for reading!

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