Costa Rican Holiday Giveaway

Welcome to the mother of all giveaways.

We have had giveaways week after week as a part of the Darkness Rising boxed set and this is the crowning jewel.

The Darkness Rising team has put together this incredible giveaway for one lucky winner to get a holiday to the beautiful country of Costa Rica!

Here’s the details you need to know. There is room for you and 23 friends and/or family at the accommodation, there are loads of beautiful spots to visit including a volcano and there’s plenty to do in the immediate area. I’m talking ziplining, water sports on the coast – the works!

A few other details to note is that flights are not included in this giveaway – this is two weeks free accommodation for a maximum of 24 people. Because of the pandemic, this holiday can only be booked after 31st December 2020 but the offer is good until 2021.

If you want to enter for a chance at a free holiday in Costa Rica, enter at this link which will take you to the Darkness Rising website and throw your hat into the ring.

All the terms and conditions are listed on the website as well as the Rafflecopter link that will take you to the giveaway. As ever, you can do lots of things to earn more entries by sharing posts, the giveaway itself etc.

It’s hard to believe this marks the end of the Darkness Rising giveaway streak but I’ll do my best to find more giveaways every week to share with you. In the meantime, good luck entering this giveaway, I hope you win!

Thanks for reading!

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