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It’s Darkness Rising Release Day!

It almost felt like this day would never come but here we are at last!

I know I usually do Top 5 Tuesdays but today I have to make an exception because it is the release day for the Darkness Rising boxed set!

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Darkness Rising, the urban fantasy and paranormal romance boxed set that me and several other authors have been working on for the past 7 months – I talk about it often enough!

Me and the rest of the Darkness Rising team have all written novels to contribute to this set, so there are over 20 full-length novels inside, including mine: A Druid’s Secret.

The best part is, this boxed set is only 99c!

I’ve been wanting to write an academy book for ages and I know I totally missed the boat with their popularity but I wanted to write one anyway. Hence, A Druid’s Secret!

A Druid’s Secret features Tabatha, a druid who can’t cast a spell or brew a potion to save her life. Even if she follows the instructions to a tee, they still blow up in her face. Attending Olkaster Academy for her first semester, Tabatha is determined to turn her luck around and achieve her dream of becoming a Magical Artefacts Expert.

But even at school, her powers won’t cooperate and before long, they get her into more trouble than she could possibly fathom. After stumbling through a magically concealed door in the dungeons, Tabatha and her friends, Summer and Pip, find themselves in the middle of a battle between two of the academy’s secret societies, the Skyseers and the Nightcasters.

Their feud almost as old as the school itself, both societies soon realise that Tabatha’s powers, unruly as they are, are the key to something they have both wanted for centuries.

I had so much fun writing this book and Tabatha has a lot of adventures ahead of her, not just in this series but in future series when she’s all grown up and out in the magical world. The plans for this character are spiralling out of control and it’s just awesome!

Darkness Rising is lucky enough to have a handful of USA Today Bestselling authors contributing, too, so I have no doubt that all the books in this set are going to be great reads.

Happy release day to Darkness Rising! You can grab your copy of the set on most publishing platforms at this link for only 99c for the whole thing – we would hugely appreciate your support and hopefully you’ll get loads of hours of entertainment from all our novels.

Thank you if you have already pre-ordered Darkness Rising, we really appreciate it and if not, get yourself a copy ASAP! It’s only going to be around for 29 days!

Thanks for reading!

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