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An Excerpt of A Druid’s Secret

By now you’ve probably guessed that this week is going to be a special week. One where the entire schedule has been put on a shelf for later because nothing is usual about this week. Although, we are still going to have the giveaway feature tomorrow!

In line with the Darkness Rising week, I wanted to share with you an excerpt from the book I contributed to the set, A Druid’s Secret.

In case you aren’t sure what A Druid’s Secret is about, here’s quick summary:

“Tabatha is a terrible druid. She can’t cast a spell or brew a potion to save her life. After getting accepted into the magical school, Olkaster Academy, Tabatha is determined to get good at magic. Possessing an unusual power to detect magic, Tabatha accidentally stumbles through a magical door and into a world of secrets and deception.

Caught in a battle between two of Olkaster’s secret societies, Tabatha soon discovers that her powers are the key to unlocking a legend as old as the school itself.”

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This excerpt is a sneak-peek of Tabatha’s first test at Olkaster Academy: making her way through Olkaster’s infamous hedge maze.

“Tabatha stopped dead in her tracks, an unnerving sound came trembling through the air. A low growl that had the hairs on the back of her neck rising in trepidation. Turning slowly around, her eyes widened at the sight of a large cheetah strolling around the corner. It paused, fixing its waspish gaze on her and bared its teeth.

“By the sweet thirteen,” Tabatha whispered, calling on the gods should they hear her to grant their aid.

Her body moved before she could consciously tell herself to run. Her calf muscles spasmed with pain as they were jerked into a sprint, speeding her away from the snarling feline. She didn’t dare look behind her to confront the sight of the angry cheetah hurtling in her direction. Tabatha pushed against the hedge walls with her hand as she ran, looking for some weakness that she could squeeze through into a different pathway. But the hedges stood firm.

“This is not happening.”

Tabatha’s harsh breath became ragged quickly. She really needed to work on her cardio. Years spent in a sleepy town had slowed her down more than she realised.

She hurtled around a corner, a bramble catching her calf and tearing into her skin. Blood began to trickle down her leg, as if the cheetah needed more reason to chase her. The giant cat skidded on the damp ground and collided with the hedge wall, yowling an unearthly howl.

Out of nowhere, she felt it. The sensation that something magical was near. It wasn’t a person, that much she could tell. In fact, it felt like a spell. The path ahead divided, splitting off into a fork, the magic drawing her down the right lane. Who knew what it was or who had cast it, but if there was any chance it could help her shake the predator on her tail, she would gladly check it out.

Up ahead, Tabatha spied the magic luring her. A doorway made entirely of magic shimmered in one of the hedges, glowing a deep red. Her chest heaved with every breath but she forced herself into a sprint and launched herself at the red doorway.

With a cry, she fell through the doorway and hit the ground on the other side. Tabatha rolled onto her back, scrambling away from the portal, earning streaks of mud up her tunic and leggings. Not seconds after she had stumbled out of it, the shimmering doorway began to disintegrate, sucked into its own centre as if disappearing down a whirlpool.

An angry roar burst through the portal before it disappeared completely, sending a shiver skittering through her shoulders.”

* * *

Little does Tabatha know that wild cheetahs are the least of her troubles when she gets to Olkaster!

It’s hard to believe that this project is actually on the shelves now, ready to read. It feels like I’ve been writing it forever!

I hope A Druid’s Secret looks like your cup of tea and if it does, grab a copy of Darkness Rising at this link. It’s still only 99c for all 24 books but that’s going to finish on Sunday so make sure you don’t miss out!

Thanks for reading!

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