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3 Ways to Beat Release Day Nerves – The Anxious Author

As Anxious Authors are perfectly content writing away in the confines of our homes or in a secret corner of the library/coffee shop. The creative part of writing a book doesn’t involve any uncomfortable activities such as *gulp* socialising.

When release day rolls around, the nerves really start to sink in. On 14th April, the Tuesday just gone, we released the Darkness Rising boxed set and I was plagued with unhelpful questions.

What if nobody likes it?

What if we get all 1 star reviews?

What if people get annoyed that I’m posting about my new release all the time?

Marketing can feel cringey at the best of times but when it’s release day, which could be the best financial day of your book’s life, you bite the bullet and press “post.”

There’s no banishing these release day nerves but there are things we can do to stop them spiralling out of control. The last thing we need is to turn into a hot mess hiding under our duvet from anyone and everyone who might tell us “your book is rubbish.” Which, we know full well probably isn’t going to happen.

Here’s a few coping mechanisms to help Anxious Authors deal with release day nerves:

1. Don’t check social media/book sales every 5 minutes.

It’s tempting. It might even be compulsive but it’s not good for us.

Set yourself times that you will post to social media or better yet, schedule them ahead of time. Check how your sales are doing at set times during the day and if you really have to, turn your internet off in between times.

We can’t torture ourselves by checking the internet every five minutes and panicking if things aren’t going well. It’s better to restrict our moments of panic to a few episodes through the day. There’ll be time to obsess over the day’s results when they’re keeping us up all night.

2. Remember the ARC reviews.

When our anxieties start creeping up on us, it’s important to remember the good things associated with our new release. Hopefully, by the day of release, your book will have some ARC reviews to show off. Use these.

When we’re panicking about people’s opinions or fretting that we’re about to appear on the “World’s Worst Book Awards”, (it’s not a thing, I checked), taking comfort in an opinion we already have will calm us for the not so great opinions that are to come.

Remember, if you’ve put the time and effort into this book, listened to crucial opinions during the book’s development and invested in a good book cover, you probably have a good book on your hands.

3. Put away the coffee mug, bust out the wine glass.

Nothing keeps you awake better than nerve-frying anxiety so having a cup of coffee (even if it is double chocolate flavour) might not be the best plan. Release day is the perfect opportunity to dust off the wine glasses (who are we kidding, they’re not dusty) and crack open a bottle.

Getting rip-roaringly drunk sounds tempting but don’t do it! There comes a point where that alcohol-induced confidence turns us into a blubbering mess. (Only this time there’s no group of strangers to help you clean up your running mascara in the ladies’ bathroom).

Have some dutch courage and avoid the coffee beans but most importantly, have an amazing release day!

Thanks for reading!

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