$300 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I was a bit staggered when I came across this giveaway!

$300 is a lot of money and it’s crazy that someone is giving this away all at once. It turns out that Courtney Cannon is upping the ante in her giveaways and offering this gift card as part of her Fantasy & Sci-Fi Bookbub giveaway.

Unlike most of her other giveaways, this one doesn’t require newsletter sign-ups but Bookbub sign-ups to enter. If you’re not familiar with Bookbub, it’s a big book recommendation site, a little like Goodreads where you recommend your favourite books and review them.

The details of the giveaway are on Courtney’s website where the giveaway is being hosted and everything you need to know about entering will be on there. But the gist of it is, follow some interesting new authors on Bookbub to enter the giveaway and keep your fingers crossed!

Enter to win the $300 gift card at this link and see if you win the grand prize.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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