What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile? 27/04/2020

So many books, so little time.

Despite all the new books I got, I just had to buy another one by an author I’ve read before and who’s books really pack a punch. S.M. Reine’s book Witch Hunt was an absolute corker, loved it from beginning to end.

Naturally, when I saw this book up for sale and realised which author had written it, I 1-clicked it straight away:

“Ten years ago, Deirdre Tombs died. When she was reborn the next day, Deirdre had become a shapeshifter who can’t shift shapes. Nobody knows what animal she’s supposed to be. She’s definitely not a werewolf. The Alpha, Rylie Gresham, can’t force her to transform like other members of her pack.

Now Deirdre is considered an omega, the weakest shapeshifter in the pack—a vulnerable position when Everton Stark demands tribute from Rylie. He wants to be the dominant Alpha. The only Alpha. And he plans to make her pack submit whether they want to or not. Stark can make every shapeshifter obey him by force of will alone.

Every shapeshifter except Deirdre.

The shifter who can’t shift is the only hope for Rylie to win the war against Stark. It will take everything Deirdre has to survive undercover in his den. But can an omega’s will be stronger than that of a charismatic, deadly Alpha like Everton Stark?”

S.M. Reine has an epic reputation as an urban fantasy author and having read two of her books, I can confirm it is well deserved. It’s important to space out reading her books though because they are often hard-hitting and you’ll feel the impact for weeks afterwards. As another author once told me: S.M. Reine is in a league of her own.

This is the first time I’ve seen this author take on a shifter romance and I’m interested to see what the outcome is. It’s almost a certainty that this book is going to be awesome and it’s great to see it sitting in my TBR pile!

Just a quick note before I sign off. I mentioned a few blog posts ago that some lovely follower(s) nominated me for “Favourite Blogger” in the Reading Fanatics 2020 Awards and I need votes! If you haven’t voted yet and want to, pop to this link and please throw me your vote – I’d super appreciate it!

Thanks for reading!

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