Four Stars

The Accidental Witch – Book Review

Title: The Accidental Witch

Author: Gemma Perfect

Genre: Urban fantasy

Rating: Four stars

“I’m not a witch.”
“You are now.”

Those are the staggering words I heard after chasing my dog, Macaroon, into what I quickly learned was a magical ceremony. There, I was struck by an ancient power which invested me as the head witch of all supernatural creatures.

By accident.
Fun side note: the mantle was supposed to be granted to my crush, Fletcher, who… guess what… also happens to be a witch. Thanks to Macaroon, I really stepped in it this time. 
As freaked as I am, the coven is in a complete tizzy. Fearing a magical upheaval in the supernatural community, they warn that no one can learn of this catastrophic secret. But when I’m overcome by a devastating vision, I discover a far more sinister darkness closing in. 

* * *

My Review

This was my dream as a kid. I wasn’t born with any magical powers so how amazing would it be to just get them? Well, Ellis thinks it’s kind of cool to begin with to, until she realises that she has been placed squarely in the middle of an ongoing, supernatural war.

Ellis is a human who has recently lost her best friend Molly to cancer and is struggling to cope. But when she begins to take strides in recovering from her loss, her parents gift her with a sausage dog who she names Macaroon who immediately gets her into trouble.

Chasing Macaroon through the woods, Ellis accidentally stumbles across a magical ceremony in which a boy from her college is being gifted the powers he needs to rule the entire magical world. Ellis is caught in the crossfire and accidentally takes on these powers herself.

What Ellis, or Fletcher, the boy who should have received the powers, don’t realise yet is that the fae are planning a rebellion to end witch rule once and for all. Just days after taking on her new witchly powers, Ellis and Fletcher are fighting for their lives in a supernatural uprising.

The story in this book was great, very enjoyable and unpredictable. Ellis’ struggle with loss and learning to cope without the support of friends is a real heart-string tugger and I wanted things to get better for her, not worse. Although, by the end of the book, she has a small community that values her and in which she has some friends, even if some of them are a bit tentative.

Fletcher is a great character, a naturally lovely boy who would be absolutely perfect to rule a magical community. Not bashing Ellis, but she is woefully under-prepared for it. It’s a nice change to have the love interest in an urban fantasy book be actually nice and wholesome. (Bully romance is popular now, what?)

While this was a great story, high stakes, great characters and backstories, the only thing that stopped this book from taking the full five stars was the spotty ending. There was loads of action, for sure, but there were lots of moments were things got a bit too convenient and they might have worked better with a bit more build up or stronger imagery.

All in all, a good, solid story and definitely worth a read.

If this looks like your cup of tea, you can grab a super cheap copy on Amazon a-right here.

Thanks for reading!

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