Reading Catch Ups

Reading Round-Up: 24th-30th April 2020

Having a big chunk of time back is great for reading but it’s not great for my wallet. I decided to splurge a little bit this week and buy some dragon merchandise to celebrate my new author title. (I know, any excuse!)

Alongside this gorgeous dragon pendent that still hasn’t arrived in the mail, I splashed out on a pack of beautiful tarot cards:

Aren’t they gorgeous?

These Gothic fantasy tarot cards were designed by the talented Anne Stokes and though I don’t practice tarot, they’re a great way to find a new direction for your characters or plot when writing a story. Also, I’m a sucker for art this beautiful and to have multiple, pocket-sized beauties like this is just perfect.

On the reading front, the tarot cards have been seriously distracting. But even on the days I have to go to work I’m still reading at least a quarter of a book and I love it. Me and my husband live in a tiny little flat in London and we have a small roof overhang which we’ve cleared out to use as a balcony. Every morning, we sit on the windowsill with our coffee and read while the world goes by. It’s as poetic as it sounds.

I’ve dived back into another academy book Heirs of Shadows which is turning into a pretty dark read but the set-up is great. Supernatural triplets whose parents died and have been struggling to fend for themselves for years are sent to a supernatural academy where they can finally learn about themselves and the world they belong to. It’s super interesting so far!

The plan is to use all this new time to get ahead of schedule and smash my Goodreads target this year and with my new organisational system in place, hopefully it will be a productive May. If you’re struggling to get organised in this seriously unpredictable time, try using an A4 notebook and loads of coloured pens to make super pretty to-do lists. The more time you spend making them pretty, the more the list gets burned into your memory.

This pandemic lock-down is a long slog but I really hope that whatever chaos is going on in your life right now, that you can snag a moment or two to read – or do some tarot!

Thanks for reading!

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