Supernatural Bundle Giveaway

Happy 1st May my witches!

Chances are, if you’re a fan of urban fantasy books that you’re a fan of Supernatural. That epic TV show featuring Sam and Dean, two monster hunters who have a cool-as retro car and a penchant for classic rock. I’m still not up to date on this show and frankly, it’s criminal.

This week’s giveaway is a bundle of all things Supernatural, from plushies to jewellery and a cool notebook to boot!

The swag in these giveaways are getting better and better!

This is a newsletter sign-up giveaway so to enter you can sign up to the newsletters of the participating indie authors. But you can also pitch in for extra entries by sharing the giveaway on your social medias. Better odds!

You can enter this giveaway at this link on Courtney Cannon’s website and put your hat in the ring for all these goodies. And for goodness sake, let me know if you win. I’ll want to beg you for that notebook.

Thanks for reading!

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