What's on the TBR pile?

What’s on the reading pile? 4/5/2020

Anyone else wondering where the year went?

We’re barely out of Spring and it already feels like Christmas is just around the corner. Or maybe May just gives me notions of time passing faster on account of it being my birthday month. Life does feel like it’s whizzing past at lightning speed when you’re staring 30 in the face.

Time to find a book to distract me from the fact that age exists and it’s coming for me:

“Meet Robin Hood’s band of outlaws. Their story starts with Christmas, a lost love, a hungry town and a robbery.

In this Outlaws novella, Robin Loxley is a tortured young man mourning the loss of his title, his lands and his first love. Tonight, with the help of his close friends, he will get a new name that will live in history, a cat that could care less that Robin happens to be the most brilliant archer in medieval England, and a chance to prove himself by rescuing a lady from a fire.

But this is no ordinary lady…

And that is no ordinary fire…”

* * *

I discovered Hood when exchanging newsletter mentions with author M.C. Frank and it looked so good, I just had to get it. Because the newsletter swap was urban fantasy themed, I assume this book has a hint of magic in it at the very least, but even if it doesn’t, it has really piqued my interest.

M.C. Frank is a new author to me but I’m loving the snippets in the blurb. Ever since Disney introduced me to Robin Hood, I’ve been a sucker for the stories – hence the inclusion of Mercury Rising on the TBR pile. This might be the start of a new phase – the Robin Hood phase!

This book is apparently the first novella in a series so this is an exciting place to start. I’ve really got to pick up the reading pace if I’m going to read all the books stacked on the TBR pile. Thank goodness most of it is on my e-reader or it might actually fall and kill someone.

Thanks for reading!

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