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Top 5 Cute Romances

Me and Shana at Bionic Bookworm apparently have something in common apart from being book bloggers and book lovers: we’re both May babies!

May is an amazing month to celebrate your birthday. The warm weather starts kicking in and you can finally sit out in the garden with a cold cider and good music. The excuse to eat cake doesn’t go amiss, either.

I’m planning something awesome for you all during the birthday fun (14th-15th) and if you are a subscriber to my newsletter, you’ll already know. If not, I’ll make an announcement on The Secret Library and all my social medias on the 14th and 15th May, so don’t worry – you won’t miss out!

On to our Top 5 topic this week: Top 5 Cute Romances – love this topic!

I like a bit of romance in every book I read and luckily, it seems to be the standard for most urban fantasy books to also have a bit of romance thrown in. I’ve read some truly cute romances lately, so let’s take a look at the Top 5:

1. Ellis and Fletcher – The Accidental Witch

I only finished reading this one last week but it was a great story and the romance was a stand-out in the mire of bully romances in the urban fantasy genre right now. Ellis is grieving and full of self-depreciating thoughts whereas Fletcher, while also grieving, is kind and sees a beauty in Ellis that nobody else seems to.

It’s Fletcher’s kindness and tenderness that is so refreshing in this book. He only ever thinks of others and when he and Ellis grow closer, he chooses not to fight it and allows his feelings to grow. He isn’t afraid of them or what anyone thinks of them and it was just so heart-warming. 10/10 would recommend this romance.

2. Kyoshi and Rangi – The Rise of Kyoshi

When I reviewed The Rise of Kyoshi last year, I didn’t talk much about the relationship between Kyoshi and Rangi but it was an amazing contribution to the story and the first lesbian relationship on this list.

Kyoshi and Rangi start out as friends, both quite committed to their duties as servant and daughter of a Fire Nation general, respectively. But as they are thrown into an adventure in which people they thought they could trust betray them and are forced to trust people on the wrong side of the law, their feelings truly come out into the open.

They are both stoic girls who don’t showcase their emotions freely and so communicating their feelings for each other is slow going. However, when they finally do, their love for each other is both impactful and empowering. Loved this romance!

3. Saoirse and Manus – Bride of the Sea

Another more recent read, but an author I’ve admired for a long time. Bride of the Sea is a fairytale retelling of The Little Mermaid with closer ties to the more heart-breaking original than the Disney version.

Saoirse is a mermaid who wants to fall in love, but her kind don’t believe in such things. Manus, a sailor, who can’t resist the call of the sea. Their romance is rocky as they struggle to stay true to themselves while also hiding the truth of their marriage from the world: that they are married as human and Fae.

Although their relationship is a struggle for them both, their first few meetings together were super cute and romantic. Saoirse saves Manus from a doomed ship and helps him survive a desert island until another ship happens across him. All they can do is talk and get to know each other and it’s beautiful!

4. Justice and Andi – Justice

One of the many Christian urban fantasy books that I’ve read over the last year (not that I’m religious, but they’re a good read all the same!) and the romance in this one was definitely a stand-out.

Justice is an angel trying to track down the murderer of a young girl who went missing decades before. Unfortunately, he is falling in love with the prime suspect’s daughter, Andi. He soon discovers that he and Andi are soulmates who find each other in their different lifetimes and work together to fight evil in the name of the Lord.

This romance is particularly cute because neither Justice nor Andi have any idea she is actually an angel and as they get to know each other, they fall hard. Andi is a bit of a subdued personality in the beginning and finally understanding who she is and having someone who loves her so deeply to help her find herself is so heart-warming.

5. Pierre and Elizabeth – Larkspur

This was a great book from beginning to end on account of the romance/romances. They just made this book. I read Larkspur ages ago but the story is still stuck in my head because it was just so well done.

Larkspur features a love-triangle between a human woman, Elizabeth, a necromancer, Pierre and death itself, Mora. Pierre has dedicated his life to pleasing Mora by practising necromancy, but when Elizabeth, his childhood friend, comes back into his life, he has never wanted to live more.

The entire book details Pierre’s internal dilemma as to who/what he should choose: life/Elizabeth or death/Mora. It’s an absolutely incredible love-triangle and if you haven’t read this book and are looking for some epic feels, I couldn’t recommend this book more!

Thanks for reading!

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