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Top 5 Worst Rulers

Begrudgingly skipping commentary on the current state of the world *cough* *cough*.

Hello! And welcome to another episode of Top 5s by Shana at Bionic Bookworm! This week we are listing the Top 5 Worst Rulers in the books we have read. This applies to Kings, Queens (Prime Ministers *cough*) and anyone who can safely say they are in charge of a country, organisation or body of people.

Leadership that goes spectacularly wrong is a great source of conflict and has us thinking that surely we could do better. Or at the very least not mess up as badly as the rulers in these books. Here’s my Top 5 Worst Rulers!

1. Cornelius Fudge – the Harry Potter series

Who didn’t see this one coming?

Cornelius Fudge, the Minister for Magic during part of the series, has the responsibility of keeping order in the magical world. This includes ensuring a certain Dark Lord doesn’t return and if he does, do all he can to fight the threat.

Nope, not this guy. He spends an entire year denying Voldemort’s return and when he is finally presented with irrefutable evidence that he has, cops out and resigns because he can’t take the heat. Stellar leadership right there. Yeah, I think not. Congratulations Cornelius Fudge on taking the top spot on this list.

2. King of the Seelie Fae – Heart of the Fae duology

There’s nothing worse than a malicious ruler who clawed their way onto the throne by trying to kill their brother. This guy is just the worst but that’s what makes him a great bad guy. The King of the Seelie Fae is the twin brother of Eammon in the Heart of the Fae duology and they never really got along.

Eammon was heir to the Seelie throne but that didn’t stop his brother from trying to kill him in order to take the throne for himself. He rules with an iron fist, has some stellar manipulation tactics and loves to use leverage against his enemies. Especially the emotional kind. Not to spoil the story (because it’s really worth a read!) but he learns the hard way just where his awful attitude gets him in the end.

Read my full reviews of Heart of the Fae and Veins of Magic here.

3. The King – Last Memoria

This guy has a few “bad ruler” traits to brag about. The first is using a poor girl and her siblings to steal the memories of his enemies. The second is being utterly clueless as to the situation in his kingdom and it begs the question: does he even care?

The King in this fantasy book doesn’t come across as malicious or evil when he appears but his actions speak for him. In fact, is might be worse that he believes so casually that what he does isn’t questionable or wrong that he has no need to revel in his acts. He just believes that’s the way things should be and doesn’t take much sadistic pleasure in it. Bad rulers come in all shapes and sizes but this guy is perhaps one of the most unnerving.

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4. Arch Mage Blackflame – Sunbolt

A magical man in charge of a fantastical country has a responsibility to keep his citizens in mind. But Arch Mage Blackflame is so evil that his corruption has seeped into the fabric of society. Determined to have his reign unchallenged, the Arch Mage isn’t above having challengers to his rule kidnapped or murdered. His reign of terror has gone on so long that a vigilante group, the Shadow League, has formed to fight him.

There isn’t much this Arch Mage won’t do to keep his title, in fact, there probably isn’t anything at all. He’s quite happy to tear families apart and shed plenty of blood in his pursuit for power.

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5. The Leader of the Vampires – Blood Legends: Undead

I forget this vampire’s name but he doesn’t feature in this book for very long. He fully embraces the instincts of his new vampire form and is determined to end the human race. Like most evil rulers, he craves ultimate power which he believes he can gain through a special specimen of blood.

Unfortunately, this guy isn’t just evil, he makes a really dumb mistake and that’s why he’s at the bottom of this list. He trusts Jett, the human he just turned into a vampire, with this blood sample. Bad move there, genius. This vampire has made number 5 on the list because he is evil as hell but he made some really rookie errors.

Read my full review of Blood Legends: Undead here.

Thanks for reading!

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